Beethoven is not a cheap celebrator of the brotherhood of humanity, we are one big happy family enjoying freedom, dignity and so on. When in the forthcoming days we hear again and again the "Ode to Joy", it would be appropriate to remember what comes after this triumphant melody. Before succumbing to the warm sentiment of how we are all one big family, I think Europeans should spare a thought for all those who cannot rejoice with themselves, all those who are forced to "steal weeping away". It is, perhaps, the only way you’ll put an end to the rioting and car burnings and other forms of Turkish marches you now see on your very own ….

The Performer Caglar Yigitogullari from the City-Theater of Istanbul, the founder of Endzeit Industry Volkan T error and the dramaturge Yesim Yalman worked with the idea of Caglar Yigitogullari and created "a post traumatic theater" about the 9th symphony of Beethoven. The individual puzzle pieces were transposed from the past and put into a current sociopolitical context. With this first production, they bring closer the two perspectives of the topic. There is just one question left: How did you listen to the 9th symphony?

All protagonists were part of a lot of different theater productions everywhere in Europe as performers, musicians and artists.
A production of Caglar Yigitogullari, Volkan T error und Yesim Yalman sponsored by Projektförderung Friedrichshain – Kreuzberg and Fonds Darstellende Künste

06.07.2017 The Curse On Turks @ Vierte Welt in Berlin
07.07.2017 The Curse On Turks @ Vierte Welt in Berlin
08.07.2017 The Curse On Turks @ Vierte Welt in Berlin